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In this episode of “Mahlzeit” by the Humanities Matter podcast from Brill, Prof. Dr. Kassung discusses the origins of meat-eating from 19th century Berlin and unpacks the connections between industrialization and the consumption of pork.

Alicia Ely Yamin discusses key topics addressed in Global Health, Human Rights and Social Justice, Brill's new book series, focusing on advances and backlash relating to reproductive justice and human rights, ethical implications of biotechnological innovations, and resurgent calls for a ‘right to development.’

A discussion on the ambiguous NATO Rules of Engagement, clarifying acceptable responses to hostile acts and intentions, direct participation in conflicts, and self-defence reliance.

Unpacking the ethics and societal implications of increased social injustice and food insecurity caused by climate change, with Ivo Wallimann-Helmer.

Discussing the exchange of foods across the Eurasian Heartland through the Silk Route, with Dr. Eugene Anderson.

A discussion on the misunderstood and multidimensional nature of self-determination, in context of the 2014–2015 Ukraine crisis and the secession of Crimea.

In the latest episode of War and Peace, Kanstantsin Dzehtsiarou and Vassilis P Tzevelekos put forth the suggestion that with the change in international law over the years, stricter sanctions should be in place to prevent human rights atrocities. They discuss this in context of their work The Aggression Against Ukraine and the Effectiveness of Inter-state Cases in Case of War.

In this new episode, Dr. D. W. Livingstone presents a novel research on the class structure in the professional front, based on his work, Professional Power and Skill Use in the 'Knowledge Economy'. A Class Analysis.

In the second episode of our new themed series War and Peace, Dr. Wolfgang Ischinger focuses on Germany’s reaction to Russian aggression on Ukraine. He talks about the stringent measures that Germany has had to take as an outcome, driven by a sense of moral duty toward Ukraine in this humanitarian crisis.

In this new episode, Dr. Olga Śniadach talks about the changing definition of food security over time and the evolving policies to tackle the same, based on her co-authored work, “Towards a Redefinition of the Food Security Concept in the Light of Climate Change."