“Across the Rainbow” Episode 2: Gender and Diplomacy in the Time of COVID-19

    17 June 2021

New Journal Article in Social Sciences
Ann E. Towns, Katarzyna Jezierska, Anne-Kathrin Kreft, and Birgitta Niklasson "COVID-19 and Gender: A Necessary Connection in Diplomatic Studies", (Brill 2020)

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced people indoors and has moved many of our interactions to take place online. Diplomatic interactions are no exception.

In the second episode of our series 'Across the Rainbow', we speak with Dr. Ann Towns and Dr. Katarzyna Jezierska, co-authors of the article “COVID-19 and Gender: A Necessary Connection in Diplomatic Studies”. We discuss how male dominance in diplomacy shapes diplomatic practice, their work on GenDip - a program to analyse the changing nature of gender in diplomacy - and how 'the move online' during Covid-19 has changed the way diplomacy is done, as well as the effects the pandemic has had on women.

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