Book Presentation: Engaging Learners with Semiotics

    4 March 2021

New Books in Education
Ruth Gannon-Cook and Kathryn Ley, "Engaging Learners with Semiotics: Lessons Learned from Reading the Signs", (Brill 2021)


Human communications and learning have always depended upon signs, symbols, pictures and stories. In short: semiotics. Numerous books explore this theme across multiple disciplines, though most seem to be written for specialists and experts. Engaging Learners with Semiotics, by Ruth Gannon-Cook and Kathryn Ley, follows a different approach.

In this presentation, Ruth Gannon-Cook shows how Engaging Learners with Semiotics defines basic semiotic terms in a non-specialized and jargon-free way. The book also shows example after example of semiotics in everyday activities and events, such as stories, graphics, movies, games, infographics, and educational strategies.


Ruth Gannon-Cook, EdD, Professor Emerita, DePaul University. She has published What Motivates Faculty to Teach in Distance Education? (University Press, 2009), and also numerous book chapters and journal articles focusing on instructional design, online learning, and semiotics.

Kathryn Ley, PhD, Professor Emerita, University of Houston – Clear Lake. Her research and publications have addressed instructional design applications in self-regulation, semiotics, and online learning environments.