New Books Network: Authoritarian Modernization in Indonesia's Early Independence Period

    1 June 2021

New Books in Asian Studies
Farabi Fakih, "Authoritarian Modernization in Indonesia’s Early Independence Period: The Foundation of the New Order State (1950-1965)", (Brill 2020)

In Authoritarian Modernization in Indonesia’s Early Independence Period (Brill 2020, published in Open Access), Farabi Fakih offers a historical analysis of the foundational years leading to Indonesia’s New Order state (1966-1998) during the early independence period.

The study looks into the structural and ideological state formation during the so-called Liberal Democracy (1950-1957) and Sukarno’s Guided Democracy (1957-1965). In particular, it analyses how the international technical aid network and the dominant managerialist ideology of the period legitimized a new managerial elite.

Farabi Fakih and Faizah Zakaria discuss the concept and range of authoritarian modernization, Sukarno’s Guided Democracy as a revolution, the formation of a military elite and the connection between Cold War technical aid and democratic decline.

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