New Books Network: The Skandapurāṇa Project

    1 July 2021

New Books in Asian Studies
Peter Bisschop and Yuko Yokochi, "The Skandapurāṇa Volume V: Adhyāyas 96 – 112. The Varāha Cycle and the Andhaka Cycle Continued", (Brill 2021)

Started in the 1990's, the Skandapurāṇa project is aimed at creating a critical edition of the Skandapurāṇa along with documenting its variations over time as well producing important studies of the text.

Raj Balkaran from New Books Network interviews Peter Bisschop and Yuko Yokochi about their work on this monumental project. The latest installment (Volume 5, featuring Chapters 92-112 of the Skandapurāṇa, with an introduction and annotated English synopsis) addresses the incorporation of Vaisnava mythology in the text.

Thanks to generous support of the J. Gonda Fund Foundation, the e-book version of this volume is available in Open Access.

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