"Across the Rainbow" Episode 3: Ethnicity and Gender - What It’s Like to be a Gay Muslim

    12 August 2021

New Books in Religious Studies
Edited by Sarah-Jane Page and Andrew K.T. Yip, "Intersecting Religion and Sexuality: Sociological Perspectives", (Brill 2021)

In the third episode of our new themed series 'Across the Rainbow', catch us in discussion with Dr. Shanon Shah, Visiting Research Fellow in Theology and Religious Studies at King’s College, London, and author of the article 'Ethnicity, Gender and Class in the Experiences of Gay Muslims'.

Drawing from a well of personal experience, Dr. Shah delves into the ways in which multiple axes of social division, such as religion, ethnicity, gender, and class, interact differently in Malaysia, where Islam is the majority and official religion, and in Britain, where it is a minority religion, to produce varied outcomes for gay Muslim men and women in both countries.

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