“Quality Education” Episode 4: Pandemic, Disruption and Adjustment in Higher Education

    28 January 2022

New Books in Education
Edited by Susana Gonçalves and Suzanne Majhanovich, "Pandemic, Disruption and Adjustment in Higher Education", (Brill 2022)

The pandemic has rapidly changed the world, making it one rife with online activity and information abundance. Education systems must be modified to match this new world. It must cater to the entrepreneurial, competitive, and independent generation that thrives in this world.

In this podcast, Susana Gonçalves and Suzanne Majhanovich discuss their book Pandemic, Disruption and Adjustment in Higher Education and talk about the changing needs of students today, the challenges of tailoring higher education to be in tandem with the growing world of technology, and how to maintain integrity and mental health in the face of it all.

Summary: Modern learning: A balancing act in the pandemic era.

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