“War and Peace” Episode 4: Understanding Where International Law Stands on the Question of the Secession of Crimeaa, with Dr. Majid Nikouei and Dr. Masoud Zamani

    05 October 2022

International Law
Majid Nikouei and Masoud Zamani, "The Secession of Crimea: Where Does International Law Stand?" in Nordic Journal of International Law 85,1, (Brill | Nijhoff 2016)

The right to self-determination is, in some respects, the supreme right of rights, without which it is impossible to recognize a host of other human rights. The 2014–2015 crisis of Ukraine that continues with Russia’s invasion in 2022 calls into question whether the case of the secession of Crimea can be justified by the rules of international law on self-determination.

Joining us today on Humanities Matter are Dr. Majid Nikouei, SJD candidate at the University of Toronto, and Dr. Masoud Zamani, Assistant Professor of International Law and Law and Political Sciences Faculty at Shiraz University. Their paper, “The Secession of Crimea: Where Does International Law Stand?” published by Brill, delves into the controversial nuances of this issue.