Going back to the roots: Addressing present-day racism by reflecting upon its violent past

    21 June 2022

New Books in Education
Christine Sleeter, "Family History in Black and White: A Novel", (Brill 2021)

Amid recent debates on racial injustice in the U.S.A, it is important to acknowledge the brutal historical roots of modern-day racism. To truly understand this problem and stimulate more meaningful societal change, one cannot disconnect the present from the past.

In this episode of Humanities Matter, Christine Sleeter, Professor Emerita at California State University Monterey Bay, discusses her new thought-provoking novel, Family History in Black and White. The book looks at contemporary racial dynamics, through the individual journeys of two competitors—white male and black female, vying for the same opportunity.

With this book, Prof. Sleeter hopes to inspire her readers to confront their own (uncomfortable) familial histories so as to effectively engage with the issue of racism today and become better allies. 

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