Podcast: Exploring Perspectives on Imagination and Art through the Lens of Contemporary Theory

    29 July 2021

New Books in Philosophy
Edited by Keith Moser and Ananta Ch. Sukla, "Imagination and Art: Explorations in Contemporary Theory", (Brill 2020)

Imagination is a fundamental trait of the human species. Given how our most commonplace experiences get filtered differently through the lens of our imaginations, it deeply influences everything we think about and do. For better or worse, imagination is “the resin that binds human civilization together.”

In this new episode, Keith Moser, Professor of French and Francophone Studies at Mississippi State University, leads a thought-provoking discussion on Imagination and Art: Explorations in Contemporary Theory, which is one of the most compelling transdisciplinary examinations of imagination to date.

The book collates a colourful collection of radical and fresh perspectives about imagination, ranging from reflections on gendered imagination to the oft-overlooked worldview of ecocentrism. This collection is also one of the first academic publications to provide a much-needed platform to contemporary artists in its final section, “Artists Reflect on Imagination: An Imaginative Epilogue.”

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