Professional Power and Skill Use in the 'Knowledge Economy': A Class Analysis, with Dr. D. W. Livingstone

    16 August 2022

New Books in Education
D.W. Livingstone, Tracey L. Adams, and Peter Sawchuk, "Professional Power and Skill Use in the 'Knowledge Economy': A Class Analysis", (Brill 2021)

In the advanced capitalist nations, a new form of economic hierarchy is emerging, that of the professional class. While the managerial class thrives, the non-managerial workforce is plagued with decreasing job security, overqualified professionals, lesser role in organizational decision making, and increasing underemployment. And to bridge this gap, education is no longer the saving grace.

In this new episode, Dr. D. W. Livingstone, Professor Emeritus at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto, presents a novel research on the class structure in the professional front, based on his work, Professional Power and Skill Use in the 'Knowledge Economy'. A Class Analysis.

The book delves deeper into the employment structure of economies, which is failing to accommodate even skilled labor in its economic fabric.

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