“Survival by Degrees” Episode 3: Climate Change, Oceans and Gender

    22 October 2021

New Books in International Law
Edited by Irini Papanicolopulu, "Gender and the Law of the Sea" (Brill 2019)

Oceans are inextricably linked to the climate. Today, oceans are warming up far more rapidly than they have in the past 65 million years, placing the spotlight on the important nexus between climate change and the ocean.

Climate change affects everyone, but socioeconomically vulnerable communities (and particularly the women in those communities) are affected the most.

In the third episode of our new themed series 'Survival by Degrees', Prof. Nilufer Oral, Director of the Center for International Law, National University of Singapore, and member of the United Nations International Law Commission, takes a closer look at the place of gender in relation to climate change and oceans, in the context of her work Climate Change, Oceans and Gender.

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