On the Relevance of the Humanities

"The humanities—including the study of languages, literature, history, jurisprudence, philosophy, comparative religion, ethics, and the arts—are disciplines of memory and imagination, telling us where we have been and helping us envision where we are going."

- American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Researching the COVID-19 Pandemic: New Vistas and Data Limitations
Daniel Habib and Naela Elmore
Podcast: The Samaritans: A Biblical People
Steven Fine
'Migration' Episode 1: Schengen Borders and Multiple National States of Emergency: From Refugees to Terrorism to COVID-19
Elspeth Guild
Christian-Muslim Relations, An Interview with Prof. David Thomas
David Thomas
Religion and Politics: Exploring the Underbelly of Populism
Ulrich Schmiedel and Joshua Ralston
Youth as Agenda-Setters between Donors and Beneficiaries: The Limited Role of Libyan Youth after 2011
Chiara Loschi
Exploring Autonomy: A History of Jewish Self-Governance in Eastern Europe
François Guesnet
Life of a Linguist: Sahiinii Veikho on studying his mother language Poumai Naga in the Himalayan region
Sahiinii L. Veikho
“Quality Education” Episode 5: A Guide to Administering Distance Learning
Lauren Cifuentes
“Quality Education” Episode 4: Pandemic, Disruption and Adjustment in Higher Education
Susana Gonçalves and Suzanne Majhanovich
Interview: Retribution for the Shoah: Abba Kovner’s Organization Nakam, with Dina Porat
Dina Porat
Vergeltung für die Shoah: Abba Kovner's Organisation Nakam. Interview mit Dina Porat
Dina Porat
“Quality Education” Episode 3: How World Events are Changing Education
Rosemary Sage and Riccarda Matteucci
Survival by Degrees and Quality Education: Curriculum and Learning for Climate Action
Radhika Iyengar and Christina T. Kwauk
“Quality Education" Episode 2: Homeschooling: A Guidebook of Practices, Claims, Issues, and Implications
Jameson Brewer
“How should I introduce myself?” Fieldwork and the Value of Tangled Identity
Golrokh Niazi
Interview: How and Why Chinese Animation Flourished Under Socialism
Daisy Yan Du
“Quality Education” Episode 1: Socially Responsible Higher Education: International Perspectives on Knowledge Democracy
Budd Hall and Rajesh Tandon
“Survival by Degrees” Episode 4: Climate Change and Individual Moral Duties
Anna Luisa Lippold
Podcast: Launching the Encyclopedia of Jewish Book Cultures Online
Emile Schrijver
Can the Light Ever Shine Again? Mobilization, Organizing and Inter-Class Alliance Building in Lebanon
Lara Khattab
Podcast: War Stories: The Military Tactics of Ancient Egyptian Rulers As Illustrated by War Records
Anthony Spalinger
“Like Athena Out of Zeus”: Why Classicists Need to Contribute (More) To Wikipedia
Eleonora Cattafi
The Week, 1933-1946 - An interview with Patrick Cockburn
“Survival by Degrees” Episode 3: Climate Change, Oceans and Gender
Nilufar Oral
Studying the Qurʾān in a Broader Context: Late Antiquity, Gender, Modern Commentaries and Translations
Suleyman Dost and Shuruq Naguib
New Books Network: The State of Nature: Histories of an Idea
Mark Somos and Anne Peters
“Survival by Degrees” Episode 2: Milieudefensie v. Shell: A Tipping Point in Climate Change Litigation against Corporations?
Andreas Hösli
Life of a Linguist: Tim Bodt about his love for the Himalayas and doing immersive fieldwork
Tim Bodt
“Survival by Degrees” Episode 1: Forces of Production, Climate Change, and Canadian Fossil Capitalism
Nicolas Graham
“Across the Rainbow” Episode 4: Gender Ideologies, Conservative Christianity, and Legislation in the United States
S.J. Crasnow
Podcast: The Bicentennial Birth of Fyodor Dostoevsky - A Look Into His Life and Times
Slobodanka Vladiv-Glover
Phillip Reid discusses 'The Merchant Ship in the British Atlantic, 1600-1800' for Benjamin Franklins World and New Books Network
Phillip Reid
"Across the Rainbow" Episode 3: Ethnicity and Gender - What It’s Like to be a Gay Muslim
Shannon Shah
New Books Network: Beauvoir in Time
Meryl Altman
Podcast: Exploring Perspectives on Imagination and Art through the Lens of Contemporary Theory
Keith Moser
Podcast: Under the Arch of Titus - a Gateway to the Jewish Community
Steven Fine
New Books Network: Men in Metal
Sven Saaler
Life of a Linguist. Kirill Babaev on His Love for Languages, Anthropology and Fieldwork
Kirill Babaev
Open Access: Journal of Jesuit Studies
Podcast: Tracing the Rich History of the Nordic Education System Through Textbooks
Merethe Roos and Henrik Edgren
New Books Network: The Skandapurāṇa Project
Peter Bisschop and Yuko Yokochi
“Across the Rainbow” Episode 2: Gender and Diplomacy in the Time of COVID-19
Ann Towns and Katarzyna Jezierska
New Books Network: Japan's Private Spheres
William Puck Brecher
Book Presentation: A Life of Scholarship with Santayana
Herman J. Saatkamp
Podcast: “Across the Rainbow” Episode 1: Guilt and the Gay Identity; Emotions in South Asia through a Queer Lens
Jayaprakash Mishra
Berg-Hollanders in Japan!
Marc van Oostendorp
New Books Network: Authoritarian Modernization in Indonesia's Early Independence Period
Farabi Fakih
Interview: Alexandre Papas on Sufi Institutions, Sufis and Marginality and the Future of Journal of Sufi Studies
Alexandre Papas
Open Access: Opportunities, Pitfalls, and Deciding if It Is Right for You
Jordanian Decentralization: What a Policy Process Can Teach Us about Authoritarian Politics
E.J. Karmel
Podcast: Living in the United States as an Immigrant - A Collection of Stories
Luis Javier Pentón Herrera and Ethan Tính Trịnh
Sovereign Limits: Understanding the South China Sea
Zander Bamford-Brown
Podcast: Vincent Bacote on The Laymen's Lounge
Vincent Bacote
Podcast: 'In Chains' Episode 4: Forced Labor and Human Trafficking in the Fishing Industry
Vasco Becker-Weinberg
Podcast: The Tale of Tea
George L. van Driem
Podcast: 'In Chains' Episode 3: Labor Exploitation and Human Trafficking in Businesses
Alexis Aronowitz
Interview: Textual History of the Bible Volume 2
Armin Lange, Frank Feder and Matthias Henze
Podcast: Remodeling a Lost Wax Technique: The Methods of Medardo Rosso
Sharon Hecker
New Books Network: The Dutch Language in Japan (1600-1900)
Christopher Joby
Podcast: 'In Chains' Episode 2: Slaving Zones in the Modern World
Alexis Martig
Podcast: 'In Chains' Episode 1: Looking at Slave Trade through the Prism of Community
Raphael Lambert
International Involvement in State-Building and National Liberation
Dana El Kurd
Life of a Linguist. Erin Shay on Chadic Languages and Fieldwork in Cameroon
Erin Shay
Book Presentation: Arabic Oration. Art and Function
Tahera Qutbuddin
Representations of Arabic Voices and Topics in Academic Publishing
Abdurraouf Oueslati
Book Presentation: Beholding Beauty. Saʿdi of Shiraz and the Aesthetics of Desire in Medieval Persian Poetry
Domenico Ingenito
New Books Network: Adam Boreel. A Collegiant's Attempt to Reform Christianity
Francesco Quatrini
Interview: Murderers and Murder Victims in Pre- and Early Islamic Periods
Geert Jan van Gelder
Academic Book Publishing – How Does Brill Decide Whether to Publish Your Book Manuscript?
Book Presentation: Engaging Learners with Semiotics
Ruth Gannon-Cook and Kathryn Ley
Revolutionizing Religion
Noah Salomon
Podcast: Imitating Viruses: How Technology Can Help Us Be Better Prepared For Pandemics
Klaus Mainzer
Showing Sufism in all its complexity. Alexander Knysh on the new Handbook of Sufi Studies series.
Alexander Knysh
Brad Kershner featured on The Jim Rutt Show and The Integral Stage
Brad Kershner
Brill on RTL Z's 'De Barometer'
Podcast: An Intercultural Friendship in the Context of the Israeli–Palestinian Conflict
Daniel J.N. Weishut
Interview: Dina Stankovic talks with Marc L. Greenberg about slavic languages, language contact and more
Marc L. Greenberg
New Books Network: A Global Studies Perspective on Brazil-Mozambique Development Discourse
Ana Beatriz Bibeiro
Maria Sibylla Merian’s Artistic Entomology
Kay Etheridge
Books about Books: Marc Michaels on Sefer Tagin Fragments from the Cairo Genizah
Marc Michaels
Podcast: Bringing the Story to the Streets: How Does the Passion Survive?
Mirella Klomp
“Why can’t both things be true simultaneously?” Interview with Marc L. Greenberg on Prekmurje Slovene Grammar
Marc L. Greenberg
Podcast: A Journey of Discovery. Reading a 19th Century Illustrated Map of the Himalayas
Diana Lange
Moving the Encyclopaedia of the Qur'an forward: an interview with Johanna Pink
Johanna Pink
Podcast: Handling Stress, Anger, and Shame - How Do Teachers Cope?
Roger Patulny and Alberto Bellocchi
Thinking your way up: Zeke Mazur’s radical new take on Plotinus’s mysticism
Dr Alexander 'Zeke' Mazur
Publishing in Middle East & Islamic Studies: Interview with Abdurraouf Oueslati
Abdurraouf Oueslati
Podcast: Cognitive and emotional abilities of animals: a new perspective
Judith Benz-Schwarzburg
Fighting the COVID-19 crisis: Why the humanities are even more relevant today
Amy Daughton
New Books Network: Bo Mou on Philosophy of Language, Chinese Language, Chinese Philosophy
Bo Mou
Podcast: From Prop to Prerequisite: How Manikins have Been Used Over Time
Cali Buckley
Podcast: Is Morality Solely a Human Creation?
Christopher Ketcham
What do we owe to intelligent robots? An interview with John-Stewart Gordon
John-Stewart Gordon
Podcast: Learning from Rwanda: How 100 Days of Mass Killing Finally Led to International Reform
Phillip Drew & Bruce Oswald
Podcast: Africa and Climate Change
Robin Attfield
Interview: Sven Saaler on The Politics of Public Statues and Monuments
Sven Saaler
Interview: Marc L. Greenberg on the Encyclopedia of Slavic Languages and Linguistics
Marc L. Greenberg
Podcast: Jewish Architecture: A Stage for Jewish Liturgy
Steven Fine
The Joker: How a “Typical Hoodlum” Character of the ‘40s Attained Cult Status Today
Joel West
Let’s hear it for the Humanities in the fight against Covid-19.
Charlotte Hempel
Video: The Institutional Fight against the Pandemic: How Ebola Exposed the Weaknesses in Global Health Governances
Obinna Franklin Ifedora
Video: Interview with Richard van Leeuwen, winner of the Zayed Book Award
Richard van Leeuwen
New podcast series by The Hague Journal of Diplomacy
The Hague Journal of Diplomacy
Podcast: Why we must record the global, the local, and everything in-between
Sam de Schutter
Podcast: How Neoliberalization Has Increased Social, Economic, and Political Adversities
Cory Blad
Video: Navigating Discretion
Judit Kuschnitzki
Podcast: Randomized Controlled Trials and The Manipulation of “Control”
Martin Edwards
Podcast: Dealing with COVID-19. The perils of using previous crises as a reference point.
Bram de Ridder
Video: Learning during lockdown: interview with Kyle Greenwalt
Kyle Greenwalt
Podcast: Understanding the legal system machinery behind acquittals
Jörg Kinzig
Remembering May Fourth: The Movement and Its Centennial Legacy
Carlos Yu-Kai Lin
Living abroad in times of Corona – Part 3: The Wait
Giulia Moriconi
Podcast: Justice to Man’s Best Friend: The Ethics of Commercial Dog Breeding
Candace C. Croney
Better together: Tracing contacts and genes to monitor how infectious diseases spread
Marie Gilbertson
Living abroad in times of Corona – Part 2: Na Zhang
Na Zhang
Podcast: Emotions of a defence lawyer — Management strategies and role in the construction of justice
Lisa Flower
Living abroad in times of Corona - Brill’s stories Part 1: Elisa Perotti
Elisa Perotti
Podcast: Ryan P. Burge on how religious leaders use Twitter today
Ryan P. Burge
Podcast: Adeyemi Balogun on the Yoruba community and inter-religious harmony
Adeyemi Balogun
Author in Focus: Karen Thornber on what narratives teach us about the way we look at illness and healing
Karen Thornber
Podcast: Intractable Syria — Case Study of What Does and Does Not Lead to an Unmanageable Crisis
Siniša Vuković and Diane Bernabei
Podcast: Using discretion in response to political crises: A lesson for diplomats
Judit Kuschnitzki
Podcast: How Modern Scholars Influenced the Perception of Classical Arabic Literature
Adam Talib
Podcast: Rohingya Genocide, Our Failure to Protect
Simon Adams
Interview: Jasmin Lange at the Charleston Conference
Podcast: Governing the world — A critical look at the current state of global governance
Stephen Gill
Humanities Matter: Join the Conversation
JESHO Podcast: Paolo Sartori in conversation...
Publish with Brill
Podcast: Alessandro Grazi on "Digital approaches to Jewish Print Culture"
Alessandro Grazi
Insights into Publication Ethics: An interview with Professor Michael V. Dougherty
Michael Dougherty
Author in focus: Robyn Rodriguez (author of Filipino American Transnational Activism)
Robyn Rodriguez
Author in focus: Norbert Bachleitner (Series Editor IFAVL)
Norbert Bachleitner
Vincent van Gogh, A case of Mistaken Identity
Teio Meedendorp
Author in focus: Mónica Jato (El éxodo español de 1939)
El éxodo español de 1939
On the Relevance of the Humanities
Jasmin Lange
Brexit: is Britain left out in the cold?
Giles Scott Smith
In the news: Mary McAleese wins Alfons Auer Ethics Award
Muslim Girls’ Education in Ottoman Istanbul
Jun Akiba
It’s Time to Vet the Vet: Ethical Concern for Antibiotic Resistance in Animals
On the relevance of the humanities: Book History
Sara Barker
John Collins and Michael Knibb win prestigious British Academy medals
On the relevance of the humanities: Law of the Sea
David Freestone
Civil War and Its Impact on Women’s Rights in South Sudan
Jane Edward
On the relevance of the humanities: New Testament Studies
Bart D. Ehrman
On the Relevance of Islamic Law
Haider Ala Hamoudi