On the Relevance of the Humanities

"The humanities—including the study of languages, literature, history, jurisprudence, philosophy, comparative religion, ethics, and the arts—are disciplines of memory and imagination, telling us where we have been and helping us envision where we are going."

-American Academy of Arts & Science

Living abroad in times of Corona - Brill’s stories Part 1: Elisa Perotti
Elisa Perotti
Podcast: Ryan P. Burge on how religious leaders use Twitter today
Ryan P. Burge
Podcast: Adeyemi Balogun on the Yoruba community and inter-religious harmony
Adeyemi Balogun
Author in Focus: Karen Thornber on what narratives teach us about the way we look at illness and healing
Karen Thornber
Podcast: Intractable Syria — Case Study of What Does and Does Not Lead to an Unmanageable Crisis
Siniša Vuković and Diane Bernabei
Podcast: Using discretion in response to political crises: A lesson for diplomats
Judit Kuschnitzki
Podcast: How Modern Scholars Influenced the Perception of Classical Arabic Literature
Adam Talib
Podcast: Rohingya Genocide, Our Failure to Protect
Simon Adams
Interview: Jasmin Lange at the Charleston Conference
Podcast: Governing the world — A critical look at the current state of global governance
Stephen Gill
Humanities Matter: Join the Conversation
JESHO Podcast: Paolo Sartori in conversation...
Publish with Brill
Podcast: Alessandro Grazi on "Digital approaches to Jewish Print Culture"
Alessandro Grazi
Insights into Publication Ethics: An interview with Professor Michael V. Dougherty
Michael Dougherty
Author in focus: Robyn Rodriguez (author of Filipino American Transnational Activism)
Robyn Rodriguez
Author in focus: Norbert Bachleitner (Series Editor IFAVL)
Norbert Bachleitner
Vincent van Gogh, A case of Mistaken Identity
Teio Meedendorp
Author in focus: Mónica Jato (El éxodo español de 1939)
El éxodo español de 1939
On the Relevance of the Humanities
Jasmin Lange
Brexit: is Britain left out in the cold?
Giles Scott Smith
In the news: Mary McAleese wins Alfons Auer Ethics Award
Muslim Girls’ Education in Ottoman Istanbul
Jun Akiba
It’s Time to Vet the Vet: Ethical Concern for Antibiotic Resistance in Animals
On the relevance of the humanities: Book History
Sara Barker
John Collins and Michael Knibb win prestigious British Academy medals
On the relevance of the humanities: Law of the Sea
David Freestone
Civil War and Its Impact on Women’s Rights in South Sudan
Jane Edward
On the relevance of the humanities: New Testament Studies
Bart D. Ehrman
On the Relevance of Islamic Law
Haider Ala Hamoudi