Podcast: 'In Chains' Episode 3: Labor Exploitation and Human Trafficking in Businesses

In the modern world, human trafficking and slavery take various forms: one such example is forced labor. But understanding exactly how and where forced labor might occur has been a challenge for researchers and regulatory authorities.

In the third episode of our new themed series In Chains, we speak with Dr. Alexis Aronowitz from University College Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands, who is the author of the article, “Regulating business involvement in labor exploitation and human trafficking” published in Journal of Labor and Society.

In her article, Dr. Aronowitz has presented various case studies of labor exploitation in the service industry, such as the cocoa industry in sub-Saharan Africa. In this episode, she further talks about how exploitative labor in businesses can be regulated using various approaches.

This is the third episode in our short podcast series 'In Chains'. Listen to the first episode with Raphael Lambert on Slave Trade and Community, as well as the second episode with Alexis Martig on Slaving Zones in the Modern World. Brill's Humanities Matter podcast is also available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.