Podcast: Cognitive and emotional abilities of animals: a new perspective

In this podcast, Dr. Judith Benz-Schwarzburg talks about how we can move towards a different kind of animal ethics and a different human-animal relationship, one where we look at animals not as objects of use (for food, drug testing, entertainment etc.) but rather as individuals (our cognitive kin).

In so doing, Benz-Schwarzburg points out that other crucial problems of today's age (like the current pandemic, climate change) are very much interrelated with the way we treat animals.

Her discussion is an extension of her book titled “Cognitive Kin, Moral Strangers? Linking Animal Cognition, Animal Ethics & Animal Welfare”, published in the Human-Animal Studies series of Brill.

Dr. Judith Benz-Schwarzburg is a Senior Postdoctoral Researcher at the University for Veterinary Medicine, Vienna.

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