Podcast: How Neoliberalization Has Increased Social, Economic, and Political Adversities

Overcoming the economic and political hardships in the neoliberal era using the Nordic model

The current neoliberal era has seen a paradigm shift in terms of economic liberalization, such as policies on privatization, deregulation, and globalization. Although neoliberalization promises to lessen the burden on government entities to provide welfare, it has evidently caused a greater economic and political divide, especially in advanced capitalist states.

Part 1

Part 2

In this podcast in two parts, Cory Blad, Professor and Chair at Department of Sociology, Manhattan College, uses the example of Sweden and Finland to explain how neoliberalization plays a role in mitigating socioeconomic and political hardships—and how they can be overcome. His discussion is an extension of the book chapter “Searching for Saviors: Economic Adversities and the Challenge of Political Legitimacy in the Neoliberal Era,” which is published in the Brill series Critical Global Studies.

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