Podcast: From Prop to Prerequisite: How Manikins have Been Used Over Time

How manikins grew from being mere ivory anatomical models to providing crucial medical support

Miniature ivory anatomical models or “manikins” were first created in the late 17th century, but their history as props for man-midwives, or even as kunstkammer objects, has not been fully explored.

In this podcast episode, Dr. Cali Buckley, of CAA, discusses how manikins grew as figures that mechanically and emotionally engaged with its owners, arousing their response. Her discussion is an extension of her paper “Pathos, Eros, and Curiosity: The History and Reception of Ivory Anatomical Models from the Seventeenth Century to Today,” which is published in the Brill journal Nuncius.

Photograph: Stephanie Swindle

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