Living abroad in times of Corona – Part 3: The Wait

Part 3: Giulia - 'The Wait'

I have been living abroad for many years and now I consider the Netherlands as my home. When I usually travel to Italy I feel like I am leaving home to go back home and vice versa when I come back. However, now for the first time borders and distance are not only a vague concept, identified with a few hours of bored travel. Borders and distance are now real and difficult to cross. The idea of travel has changed too. It is now concerning, stressful or even scary, if possible at all.

My housemate and I spent Easter day at home here, mostly cooking and then eating, like for a usual holiday in Italy. We would have been there if all this never happened. We video-called our families, we called our friends self-isolated at home, in Italy or in different countries around the world, sometimes alone. We shared pictures of what we cooked, we joked, laughed and updated each other on our countries' situation.

Trevi in the region of Umbria, Italy

The constant anxiety of the first days and weeks of this crisis has been replaced by an indefinite wait. Our daily routine and time as we used to know it has been suspended. I found a new home routine defined by work time and all-the-rest time, but the days feel longer and all the same.

I don't know when I will be able to go to Italy and see my parents, it probably won't be for many months, probably not in the summer. It won't be safe even if possible, especially for them.

We’ll wait and try to keep safe and healthy.