Podcast: Governing the world — A critical look at the current state of global governance

Global Governance “As It Was, Is and Ought to Be”

Listen to our latest podcast with Professor Stephen Gill (York University)

We live in a time of profound global crises. So, who exactly is responsible for identifying global solutions? Since there is no common world government, global issues are usually addressed by certain international institutions or organizations that develop laws, frameworks, and policies—a phenomenon called “global governance.” However, does this type of regulation actually work?

In a new study in the journal Global Governance, published by Brill and sponsored by the Academic Council on the United Nations System (ACUNS), Prof. Stephen Gill (York University) raises some interesting questions regarding the current state of global governance and its role in resolving global issues. Moreover, by critically analyzing the aspects of governance, he puts forward a new approach to governing the world.