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Join the Conversation

With the challenges the world is facing today, the Humanities and Social Sciences are more relevant than ever. The authors and editors with whom we work at Brill dedicate their academic life to asking critical questions on globalization, the rise and fall of societies, migration, the functioning of our democracies, the history of conflicts and international relations, inequality, water security or climate change, to name just a few.

Since its foundation in 1683, Brill has at its core been a Humanities publishing house. We are proud of this long tradition of serving the Humanities research communities and are committed to provide scholars with the best infrastructure to disseminate and access high quality research. However the Humanities are under pressure. We need to show to a wider community of funders, governments and the general public why it is crucial for society to continue investing in research in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

In our Humanities Matter blog we let our authors and editors explain why the Humanities have been and will remain a vital pillar of academia and society. We invite you to be part of this conversation, read our blogposts, listen to the podcasts, and share your thoughts with us on Twitter #HumanitiesMatter and Facebook or contribute your own blogpost.

Humans Matter. #HumanitiesMatter

We hope you will join the conversation.