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  “Quality EducationEpisode 3: How World Events are Changing Education     14 January 2022 Rosemary Sage and Riccarda Matteucci University of Leicester and Queens College, NYC   New Books in Education Edited by Rosemary Sage and Riccarda Matteucci, "How World Events Are Changing Education" , (Brill 2022) Formal education became widespread only as recently as the end of the 19th century, as a way to train people for jobs created by the boom in

  “Quality EducationEpisode 5: A Guide to Administering Distance Learning     17 February 2022 Lauren Cifuentes Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi   New Books in Education Edited by Lauren Cifuentes, "A Guide to Administering Distance Learning" , (Brill 2021) The Pandemic led to a massive shift in the course of education as the world was forced to switch to distance learning. And with a new model comes new barriers, whether institutional

  “Quality EducationEpisode 1: Socially Responsible Higher Education: International Perspectives on Knowledge Democracy     3 December 2021 Budd Hall and Rajesh Tandon University of Victoria and Society for Participatory Research in Asia   New Books in Education Budd L. Hall and Rajesh Tandon, "Socially Responsible Higher Education" (Brill 2021) In many countries, higher education has been viewed as a privilege that only a few people in

  “Quality EducationEpisode 4: Pandemic, Disruption and Adjustment in Higher Education     28 January 2022 Susana Gonçalves and Suzanne Majhanovich Polytechnic of Coimbra and University of Western Ontario   New Books in Education Edited by Susana Gonçalves and Suzanne Majhanovich, "Pandemic, Disruption and Adjustment in Higher Education" , (Brill 2022) The pandemic has rapidly changed the world, making it one rife with online activity and

  “Quality Education" Episode 2: Homeschooling: A Guidebook of Practices, Claims, Issues, and Implications     16 December 2021 Jameson Brewer University of North Georgia   New Books in Education T. Jameson Brewer, "Homeschooling: A Guidebook of Practices, Claims, Issues, and Implications" (Brill 2021) With COVID-19-lockdowns forcing families to stay at home, an increasing number of parents are choosing to home-school their children. This choice

the world’s commitment to climate education, and incorporate climate change into our education systems. In a special episode that combines two of our ongoing themed series, Survival by Degrees and Quality Education, Radhika Iyengar and Christina T. Kwauk, co-editors of the Open Access book Curriculum and Learning for Climate Action , urge readers to pay attention to climate change in education, not just as a peripheral topic, but as a core part of curriculum design and implementation. Podcasts Brill's Humanities Matter podcast is available on Spotify

legislation. This episode is a part of a new special series by Brill, which focuses on Brill’s commitment to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Each episode is related to a specific SDG. This episode covers SDG 4: Quality Education . Podcasts Brill's Humanities Matter podcast is available on Spotify , Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.