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  “Survival by DegreesEpisode 4: Climate Change and Individual Moral Duties     2 December 2021 Anna Luisa Lippold Policy Advisor for Mobility, Urban and Rural Development at Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung   New Books in Philosophy Anna Luisa Lippold, "Climate Change and Individual Moral Duties" (Brill 2020) In the fourth episode of our new themed series Survival by Degrees, Dr. Anna Luisa Lippold, Policy Advisor for Mobility, Urban and Rural


  “Survival by DegreesEpisode 1: Forces of Production, Climate Change, and Canadian Fossil Capitalism     22 September 2021 Nicolas Graham University of Victoria   New Books in Social Sciences Nicolas Graham, "Forces of Production, Climate Change and Canadian Fossil Capitalism" (Brill 2021) As one of the most serious threats to life on our planet, the climate crisis is no longer something we can address in the future, we must act on it now